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We are introducing a wide range of clean cookstove technologies in Pakistan.


Our clean cookstove products improve the lives of customers and counter some of world’s most challenging health problems.


A typical off-grid household in rural Pakistan consume approximately 1.5 tons of firewood per annum. We aim to reduce this consumption by 50%.


Our products pay for themselves in 5 months and have the potential to save about USD 200 per annum – a considerable amount in communities where many live under USD 2 a day.

Solar Cookstoves

The Concave Stove


A reflective parabolic dish that redirects the energy of the sun onto a single focal point above the dish – a point that can substitute the modern day gas stove, at least during the day. This is the most prolific alternative cooking technology used in rural settings and a wide array of companies already offer varying qualities of this technology.

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The Saber Stove


Imagine a transparent vacuum flask that allows light to enter but restricts it from escaping the vessel. That is the basis of the Evacuated Tube technology in a nutshell. It’s a double layered glass vessel with a vacuum in the space between the two layers of glass. The core of this vessels can trap enough light on a cloudy day to cook a meal. Also, coupled with a ‘thermal battery’ – a material that collects and stores heat through the day and uniformly releases that heat at night - this technology can also be used for night-time cooking.

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Efficient Firewood Cookstoves


Well engineered and professionally designed firewood cookstoves significantly increase the efficiency of combustion heat used to cook food. Efficiency is measure on two metrics; 1) The amount of firewood used, and 2) The amount of time it takes to cook a meal. Efficient firewood cookstove reduce the amount of firewood used by half and decrease the amount of time it takes to cook a meal by half as well.

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Finance a clean solar cookstove for a low-income off-grid family in Pakistan. Your donation will allow a family of 6 save 15% of their income on a monthly basis. This disposable income can be put to use for education and income generating activities.

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