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Full Time Positions

Must possess at least three years of experience in field operations, preferably at the helm of a sales team, catering to fundamental human needs in low-income communities. The incumbent must be able to reside in Lahore for the next four months and then travel to Pilot Project sites across Pakistan. The incumbent must also be able to communicate effectively in Urdu. Any prior experience in collaborating with rural support programs, microfinance institutions, or the government of Pakistan, will be an advantage.

The incumbent will be responsible for identifying effective field coordinators across all points of field operations. He/She will be responsible for motivating, directing and coordinating with Jaan Pakistan field coordinators. He/She will be responsible for developing a sales and promotional strategy (in close coordination with the Jaan Pakistan management). He/She will also be responsible for assisting all Regional Sales Teams in achieving theirs sales targets.

Finally, the incumbent will design a reporting and operational manual that will help (1) streamline operations (2) create checks and balances on field coordinators (3) enhance and document customer engagement (4) identify areas of improvement and growth (5) evaluate individual, team and regional performance (6) systematize the pre-sale promotional, sale, and after sales modus operandi/ SOPs at Jaan Pakistan.

In the immediate future these are two Lahore based positions.

Field Coordinators must have exceptional oral communication skills; he/she must be able to persuade individuals in off-grid communities about the benefits of clean cooking and ultimately makes sales after intimately understanding the culinary needs of every household they engage with.

Field coordinators will also help identify potential sales agents and women entrepreneurs; they will also play an integral role in collating and analyzing data to help document trends in consumer engagement and sales.

Field coordinators are the eyes and ears of the pilot program: they must be comfortable with gathering information in writing, as well as audio and video format. Both coordinators must possess the ability to travel to Bedian as and when required. No prior experience of clean cooking is require for the job, but prior sales experience will be preferred.

Job Responsibilities:

You will directly work with the CEO. You will be responsible for all financial matters of the company. Your responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

Documenting and recording all company expenses; maintaining expenses in company ledger, invoice register and developing monthly reports, including but not limited to cash flow accounts, profit and loss, inventory management, income statements, balance sheet, et al

Scrutinizing and processing all procurement inquiries from various departments of the company; engaging with third party vendors to negotiate best possible rates and securing good deals for the company

Collaborating closely with Team Lead Sales to develop region specific sales projections

Liaising between Team Lead Sales and CEO to determine best possible investment strategies for various target regions across Pakistan

Meeting all reporting requirements of various funds the company is sourcing support from, including bill processing, purchase requisition forms, vendor analysis, purchase order issuance, et al

Ensuring that the company is meeting all SECP and FBR requirements, including tax payments along with other statutory requirements

Main Activities

  • Assist with preparation of the budget
  • Implement financial policies and procedures
  • Establish and maintain cash controls
  • Establish, maintain and reconcile the general ledger
  • Monitor cash reserves and investments
  • Prepare and reconcile bank statements
  • Establish and maintain supplier accounts
  • Processes supplier invoices
  • Maintain the purchase order system
  • Ensure data is entered into the system
  • Issue cheques for all accounts due
  • Ensure security for all credit cards and verify charges
  • Ensure transactions are properly recorded and entered into the computerized accounting system
  • Prepare income statements
  • Prepare balance sheets
  • Prepare monthly financial statements
  • Prepare quarterly reports and report on variances
  • Assist with the annual audit
  • Maintain the computerized accounting system
  • Maintain financial files and records
  • Document new employees
  • Establish employee files in the computerized accounting system
  • Administer benefit entitlements
  • Verify and report on benefits payments
  • Maintain the leave management system
  • Verify annual leave records
  • Calculate and action deductions
  • Set up employee files
  • Verify and code time sheets and hours worked
  • Calculate employee salaries, deductions and contributions
  • Enter payroll information into the computerized accounting system
  • Calculate source and miscellaneous deductions
  • Process pay cheques
  • Update leave and lieu time
  • Prepare, review and file payroll summaries, journals and reports
  • Issue Records of Employment
  • Order office supplies
  • Manage the filing, storage and security of documents
  • Respond to inquiries
  • Manage the repair and maintenance of computer and office equipment
  • Maintain insurance coverages
  • Issue permits and licenses
  • Maintain booking registers
  • Administer government services including motor vehicles and vital statistics

Job Responsibilities:

You will directly work with the CEO. You will be responsible for gathering data, analyzing it and interpreting it so that it adds value to Jaan Pakistan’s business operations.

identify and recruit student volunteers to help expedite the information gathering processdevelop a criteria to identify Jaan Pakistan’s target market communities
develop a program to efficiently document information in a digital format
develop a questionnaire at different stages of the pilot project, to gather critical data from each stage
study and analyze data on a daily basis to help inform key decision making processes at Jaan Pakistan
document user testimonials of clean cookstove buyers through audio visual aids
document sound bites of non buyers; understand reasoning behind apathy towards clean cooking
identify target communities across Pakistan, in close coordination with rural support networks and microfinance institutions
get involved in desk research to learn about breakthroughs in technology, sales methodology and behavior change communications

How to Apply for the Jobs Above

Please email your resumes to; please mention the position you are applying to and in less than 200 words explain why you think you are a good fit for the job.

Application Deadline: May 1, 2017


Jaan Pakistan Fellowship Program

A team of four boys and four girls will constitute Jaan Pakistan’s very first Social Development Fellowship cohort. The aforementioned individuals will form 4 teams of two individuals each. Over three months, and a variety of tasks, each team will experimentally learn (1) human centered product design (2) lean startup methodology (3) effective data gathering techniques (4) relationship building at the grassroot level (5) behaviour change communications (6) consumer education & support, and (7) making an effective sales pitch using micro credit tools and other subsidy programs.

Program Schedule
  • Week 1-3: Information gathering at a low-income urban slum in Lahore
  • Week 4-5: Product finalization; BTL activity planning
  • Week 6-7: Conduct free trials across 40 homes in low-income urban slum
  • Week 8-12: Launch leasing program; recruit Brand Ambassadors; Sell through routine ‘demo days’
  • Week 13 – Report Writing & Fellows Graduation Ceremony
Prospective Fellows

Candidates are expected to have a proven track record of extensive social work in university life, however, this is not an absolute prerequisite to win the fellowship.

Candidates with the following skills, experience and attributes will be preferred over others:

  • Fluent in Urdu and Punjabi
  • Exceptional report writing skills
  • Experience in the field, especially in urban slums
  • A strong desire to work with low-income households
  • A strong desire to improve livelihoods through social work
  • A strong desire to learn the fundamental blocks of social entrepreneurship
  • The physical and mental stamina to persist in the face of criticism
  • Basic understanding of how a social business functions
  • Is persuasive in selling his/her ideas
  • Can completely commit himself/herself to the fellowship program
Additional Details

Work hours: Full-time
Project duration: 3 months
Minimum qualification: Bachelor’s Degree from an HEC recognized university
Professional work experience: not required
Benefits: Jaan Pakistan fellows will receive training, full-time work experience and a monthly stipend

How you can apply to the fellowship program: send in a single-page copy of your resume to; also share a brief write-up (no more than 200 words) about why you think you are a good candidate for the fellowship. In this write up, please do not re-iterate the information already mentioned on your resume. We want to know about your personality; who you are; what motivates you; and why you think you will be a good fit at Jaan Pakistan.


Work with Khizr Imran and Kashaan Tajammul on Digital Marketing Campaigns, Public Relations Campaigns & BTL activities. Students will get a chance to influence the online marketing spend, help optimize budgets and communications, conduct events in low-income communities across sub-urban Lahore, and collaborate with the Product Team in developing a customer relations manual.

Work with Dr. Farid Malik (PHd Metallurgical Science) to design and conduct a market survey, with a sample size of at least 1500 individuals. Develop an understanding of the gastronomical and dietary needs (in terms of nutrition and funds) of Lahore’s low income population. Get your name on Jaan Pakistan’s very first, independent, research publication.

Work with Saad Latif (Global Acumen Fellow) and Danyal Hussain Tirmazi (Former Head of Finance at Buksh Foundation) to help map out a fundraising strategy. This project will include developing strategic communications, targeting investors, donors, philanthropists, crowdfunding platforms, microfinance institutions and CSR departments at multinational companies.

Work with Mr. Muhammad Ali Chishti and a team of engineers to help indigenize globally established, solar thermal technologies. This project will include assignments based on human centric product design, raw materials sourcing, prototype testing, efficiency testing, the development of a well thought out product and customer relations manual. Engineering background is a must. Specialization in either metallurgy, industry and manufacturing, environmental science is preferred.

Work with Khizr Imran on supplier negotiations, sourcing, the identification of displacement routes, understanding international trade agreements, fine tuning product specifications and opportunity creation through multiple vendor agreements.